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Welcome to Billz Birdz where you will find whimsical, decorative birdhouses for home, yard, and garden, as well as information about backyard birds, birdhouses, and bird feeders. My birdhouses are hand-crafted original unique designs. I like to think my birdhouses are as much for your enjoyment as they are a home for the birds. In fact, some are collectibles made only for you to use as decorative pieces in the home. Having a long history of popularity and collectability for home and garden, birdhouses are appreciated both for their function and for their decorative qualities. Whether as inside home décor or delightful additions to garden or yard, birdhouses can bring smiles, they can help us enjoy nature, and they can bring the outdoor garden inside year-round. My goal is to build birdhouses that are as fascinating as the birds that inspire their design. I hope you will enjoy my creations.

For the kids. A cheerful birdhouse is a great way to share the joy of nature with children. Once a child has observed birds returning in spring and has witnessed a successful nesting and fledging of the young, an appreciation and enthusiasm for nature will be a lifetime reward. So, besides being a delightful form of art in your home, garden, or yard, my birdhouses are a means of teaching about birds and nature as well as learning about conservation.

Whimsical "Cat" Birdhouse

BillzBirdz original whimsical "cat" birdhouse will bring a smile to everyone who sees it. Add this cheerful touch to your home and yard -- it's for you to enjoy as much as for the birds.

Hand-painted Ivy Cottage Birdhouse

A home in your yard for wrens and other house-nesting birds. A place for them--and you--to enjoy.

Yellow Sunflower Birdhouse

Rise-n-shine yellow sunflower birdhouse designed with bluebirds in mind. This hand-made decorative birdhouse is fun and bright and a great addition to any home or yard.

Country Rustic Barrel Birdhouse

Some birds like their homes plain and simple. This woodland style should fit the bill for a variety of nesting birds and is a great way to share the joy of nature with children..

Charming Bright Blue Bird Birdhouse Original

A decorative addition inside or outside the home. Traditionally, the bluebird brings good fortune and happiness--this large blue bird should be a joy to see every day.

Ivy Cottage Birdhouse with dormer over entrance

A tall white cottage style birdhouse with hand-painted ivy design. This birdhouse may be designed for birds, but it also makes a wonderful decorative addition to any home.

See the current BillzBirdz catalog and availability.

Whimsical clock design birdhouse with striking modern black and white stripes and red accents

Modern design with swinging pendulum

The artfully designed pendulum "perch" swings easily with the wind and offers a special treat as you watch birds land and swing back and forth.

This modern whimsy clock design is an attractive and functional birdhouse or one-of-a-kind original decorative home and garden art

See the current BillzBirdz catalog and availability.


My original "Birdzville" birdhouse combines a whimsical garden cottage design with brilliant colors

With a nod to Dr. Suess and Whoville...

“Birdzville” is a fun collectible complement to modern or retro decorating styles and adds a touch of color and whimsy to any style home or garden

Hand painted in multiple bright colors...

"Birdzville" even has a curly puff of smoke coming out of the stylized chimney

See the current BillzBirdz catalog and availability.

Denim Cat Patchwork Folk Art Birdhouse

is a whopping big birdhouse for a variety of backyard nesting birds.

Recycled Denim Materials,

bright shiny studs, really big green button eyes, patchwork star and jeans pockets make a charming and decorative birdhouse.

Designed for Birds,

but, with its casual outdoors style, it also makes a wonderful decorative addition to any home.

See the current BillzBirdz catalog and availability.

Smiley Face Spring Flower Birdhouse

is a bright addition inside the home, or in the yard and garden

This Bright and Cheery Decorative Birdhouse

will bring a smile to everyone who sees it

Happy Smiley Face Flower Birdhouse

is designed to be an attractive and fun addition to any home, yard, or garden


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